Child-friendly cartoons go beyond mere entertainment; they serve as windows into imaginative worlds, imparting valuable lessons while preserving the magic of innocence. But with so many choices, especially on YouTube, it can be tough to know what to watch.

Before we go into it mums and dads, please get your kids off Cocomelon and Peppa Pig! Your kids can’t get enough of Cocomelon because of the way it is produced with the sounds, flashing lights and fast paced cuts that makes it hyper engaging so your kids will become addicted to screen time consuming tonnes of episodes! Peppa Pig on the other hand pushes certain values that may not resonate-bullying, naughtiness and fat shaming just to mention a few.

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Here are some cartoons and kid friendly shows for you

Ms. Rachel (2+ years old)

This show is more for toddlers  and pre-schoolers where Ms Rachel gets kids moving through fun nursery rhymes focused around letters, numbers, colors, animal sounds and more!

Akili Kids (2+ years old)

Akili Kids helps your kids understand language, letters, numbers and art, while developing kindness and coming to grips with their emotions and rapidly changing toddler lives!

Ask the StoryBots (2+years old)

This cartoon on Neflix Junior is centred around Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo who use questions in a funny and goofy way to educate kids.

Blippi (2+ years old)

Blippi helps children‘s understanding of the world and encourages vocabulary development. Blippi loves visiting exciting places such as children’s museums and zoos!

Number blocks (2+ years old)

Teaches your kids about addition subtraction and relationship with numbers and equations.

Puff in Rock (2+ years old)

This Cartoon Teaches your kids about nature friendships and family and is available on Netflix

Alpha blocks (2+ years old)

Teaches your kids about the alphabet and relationship between letters and forming words.

Colour blocks (2+ years old)

Teaches your kids about different shapes and colours and getting your kids to understand art.

Bluey (3+ years old)

Bluey is not only fun but also educative! Bluey follows the adventures of a lovable and inexhaustible six-year-old puppy, who along with her sister Bingo, parents and friends is learning all about the world.

Octonauts (3+ years old)

This show is about marine biologists patrol the ocean discovering new species of marine life, so your kids get to learn key marine life facts after watching each episode.

Tumble leaf (4+ years old)

Teaches your kids social development and how to deal with emotions. This show also teaches your kids about science through play

Luca the spider (4+ years old)

Whole sum, cute fun and educative show where Luca and friends navigate problems that will be relatable to any preschooler. The show reinforces positive social-emotional skills such as patience, helping friends just to mention a few.

Super Sema (5+ years old)

This African animated superhero inspires the next generation of children to change the world through curiosity, creativity and STEM skills!

Wild Kratts (5+ years old)

Teaches your kids about science, nature and biodiversity or learning about animals. Each episode combines education, science in the animal kingdom teaching your children loads with each episode!

Still Water (6+ years old)

Helps your little ones to slow down and give them a reason to recharge their body and soul. Stillwater’s mind, music and movement is designed to introduce mindfulness and meditation to your children in a fun and practical way.

Nutri Ventures (6+ years old)

Nutri Ventures teaches kids about good nutrition and food diversity through an engaging, adventurous story about kids on a quest to return healthy eating habits to their homeland.

Additional Tips

– Read reviews: See what other parents and kids think of a show before you let your child watch it.

– Check out Common Sense Media: This website provides reviews and ratings of movies, TV shows, and video games, including information about violence, language, and sexual content.

– Set limits: Decide how much screen time your child is allowed each day and stick to it.

– Talk to your kids: Ask them what they like about the cartoons they watch and make sure they understand the messages being conveyed.

Is there any cartoon and child friendly show you feel we missed? Please add to the comments section of this blog below.

Happy watching!

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