The last year has not been so rosy for parents and families used to going out for fun activities with most opting to stay at home due to COVID-19. Just when we thought things were getting better in 2021 with the vaccines being available, the number of COVID-19 infections spiked again.

So, we are back to social isolation with our kids at home, the zoom classes are not happening (schools are on holiday) you wonder what to do with your kids that’s fun and engaging in the House?

Well, mums and dads have been very innovative, keeping the kids’ screen time to a minimum through cool activities. Here are a few we have tried that may work for you too!

DIY Tech Kits

If your kids love science and are always pulling apart and fixing up stuff, then this Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit is for you. Createch Hobbies have awesome DIY Tech Kits for your kids. Find out more


A healthy, quality-at-home cooking experience delivered straight into your home!

Your little chefs will get enjoy mixing up the fresh ingredients as they whip up some Tahini Beef Stir Fry or our favourite-Handmade barbecue chicken pizza with roasted veggies! Find out more

Play Hide and Go Seek

Another classic fun thing to do at home. Who can find the best hiding spot in the house?

This remains one of the easiest and most fun indoor activities. All you have to is find the best hiding spots in the house

Bizi Box

These fairly priced activity boxes will keep your kids bee-zee and buzzing at home with some art and colourful painting activities! Find out more

Paukwa Kids Stories

Paukwa Hummingbird Tales offers screen time for your kids that’s entertaining but also comes packed with some intentional learning. Your kids will love inspirational stories about everyday Kenyans turned Heroes and Heroines plus the values they hold dear and strive for on their journeys to achieve greatness. Find out more

Wash your Family Car

Kids will always love and never pass the opportunity to play around with water, soap and oh yes-bubbles! Get them involved in your next car wash in the driveway and have some fun while at it.

KrAfty nAture Box

A box filled with tonnes of creativity, productivity and most important of all, lots and lots of nature-loving fun and knowledge for your kids. Your Kids will love making the colourful rice mosaic, or the sun catcher using pebbles that taps the sunlight turning it into magical colours within the house. Find out more

Cookie Decoration Kit

Who ate the cookies in the cookie jar? This is all your kids will be singing as they decorate some yummy Crumbs and Nibble Cookies. The cookies come in awesome shapes, sizes and flavours with tasty sprinkles and icing. Find out more


Paper Origami

Make paper aeroplanes, hats, paper boats, butterflies, flowers and loads of other awesome papercrafts.

Cooking with Jars of Goodness

This awesome recipe from Jars of Goodness will help your little chefs cook up some yummy and healthy rainbow pasta salad.


The list is endless with loads of activities you can do with your kids. A few other ideas include:

-> Play a game of hopscotch

-> Pot balcony gardening

-> A game of Jenga

-> Twister

What are some of the activities that are keeping your kids busy at home?

Add your ideas in the comment section below and share this blog with mums and dads in your network!